Brenspeed’s Supercharged S550 Is Built To Conquer

When Mustang enthusiasts think of Brenspeed, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the countless NMRA events the company has attended and the trackside assistance its customers are grateful for. That’s because Brent White and his crew are drag racers dedicated to the sport; suppliers and installers of go-fast parts; and overall Mustang gurus.

The hardest part of this build was sourcing parts fast enough to get the car competitive. — Brent White, owner of Brenspeed

But, did you know that Brenspeed also road races, and has its own in-house Mustang build dedicated to competing in Brock Yates’ One Lap Of American racing series every year?

That’s right, every year Brent and his crew participate in the racing event which takes place in several states over the course of several days. Being familiar with the Mustang platform (more specifically the latest generation), the team at Brenspeed knew exactly what they wanted from a ’Stang built to handle.

The Brenspeed team kicked off the build with a 2015 Ford Mustang GT more than three years ago. The resulting car has continued to compete in this event since then, as it was built for the sole purpose of racing specifically in this series. With Brent and his team already having a profound knowledge of drag racing, the folks involved put their heads together to build a contender designed to handle the abuse of One Lap Of America.

In just two weeks time, Brent tells us the car was delivered, modified, and ready to rumble for its first racing event which took place more than three years ago, as detailed below.

Inspire By Passion

Every great endeavor starts with an idea or a concept, and that’s exactly how Brenspeed’s One Lap S500 build came to fruition. Brent and self-proclaimed musclecar aficionado, Big Chris Smith had first entertained the idea of competing in the OLOA event in 2014. From there, it blossomed into a reality once Brent and Chris further hashed out its intentions to compete.

As we’re sure you’re already aware, Brent and his history with Mustangs spans well before the S197 generation-and-earlier models. Like many of us, his passion began with the Fox Mustang, and that passion was turned into a business with the arrival of the 2005 Mustang and continues to thrive to this day with the 2015+ Mustangs.

We all start somewhere, right? (Photo Credit: Brenspeed)

As the Coyote engine platform continued to gain popularity, Brent and Chris had gotten more serious about fortifying their new endeavor.

“In 2014, I had a conversation with “Big” Chris Smith, who had pitched me on the idea that we consider racing in the Brock Yates’ One Lap Of America,” Brent told us. “One Lap Of America is an eight-day-long race that travels the United States 3,500 to 4,000 miles using two drivers. During those travels, you typically have 18 to 19 events. All aspects of racing are included — road racing, drag racing, and autocrossing. There’s even a skid pad competition. You have to drive the car you race with no chase vehicle – all on one set of tires.”

Built For Speed

The heart of the beast.

Brenspeed 2015 Mustang GT Mods

Brakes: OEM Brembo six-piston calipers, Stop Tech rotors, Hawk pads, and stainless steel brake lines

Chassis/Suspension: Brenspeed Stage 2 traction package with handling spring option, including Ford Performance sway bars, shocks and struts

Clutch: McLeod Racing RST twin-disc clutch

Cooling: Adler high-capacity aluminum radiator, Reische thermostat, cylinder head cooling kit, and an AFCO Racing dual fan heat-exchanger.

Engine: Stock 5.0-liter Coyote

Exhaust: Kooks 1 7/8-inch long-tube headers w/ high-flow catted X-pipe and Kooks 3-inch cat-back system

Power Adder: Roush Performance 2.3-liter TVS supercharger

Rearend: OEM 3.73 gears, FRPP axles, Driveshaft Shop one-piece driveshaft

Transmission: OEM Getrag MT-82 six-speed manual

Wheels & Tires: Continental Extreme Contact Sport

As we mentioned prior, Brent and his team took its 2015 Mustang from bone-stock to race-ready in just two weeks. Keep in mind, this was done in late 2014, which means many of the components available today for the 2015+ Mustangs, weren’t even in development back then.

“A month before the 2015 event, Big Chris and I decided to build a car and compete,” Brent explained. “That gave us literally a couple days to create a plan for the car, source parts, and once the parts arrived, build and test it in about two weeks. I had just purchased a 2015 Mustang GT for testing, so that was our ideal candidate, and it was sitting there ready to be modified. We had a lot to address – from cooling; suspension; exhaust; tires; power; durability; fluids and brakes – everything needed modified to be competitive.”

Fortunately for Brent and his crew, building cars of this caliber is an every day thing, as Brent explains putting the build together was the easy part.

“The hardest part of this build was sourcing parts fast enough to get the car competitive,” he continued.

Brent White and Big Chris Smith posing with the OLOA Brenspeed Mustang.

“Because in 2015, the car was pretty new, and we had a limited amount of products to choose from. Half of the parts that ended up on the car were prototypes, but the manufacturers were excited to put them through this insane eight-day test,” Brent explained. “From my standpoint, having prototype parts on the car was not ideal, as I did not want to be a test mule for a car designed for this sort of rigorous competition. The good news is, as the years went on, we were able to replace the prototype parts with actual production pieces – and everybody learned a lot from this sort of testing.”

Doorway To Development

The Brenspeed One Lap 2015 Mustang puts down 660 horsepower and 539 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels courtesy of a TVS-supercharged Coyote.

Brent told us that after participating in a few of the events over the last three years, the car will not only continue to be one of Brenspeed’s development vehicles, but will most likely stay a contender in the OLOA series.

“This S550 has been through three Brock Yates One Lap Of America events with Chris and I,” Brent said. “After each one, I always decide it’s time to let the car move on to a different project – but each year, it ends up right back at the registration booth. It’s hard to say what its future holds for this car – especially with the 2018 Mustangs coming out soon.”

Rain, shine, sleet or snow, the Brenspeed 2015 Mustang raced for eight days straight during the OLOA event!

In his eyes, Brent told us that its 2015 Mustang has been a great development vehicle. You may or may not know this, but the company has had several of S550s on hand at once for different development duties, and each one has its purpose to help Brenspeed become a better business and more knowledgeable on the products it uses.

“After so many events in this car, and so much time on the track, we’ve learned a lot about the S550 platform,” he said. “We found a few parts that needed to be improved, or maybe were not ideal for a typical street car. All of those characteristics have been improved or modified for the better, and now our ’Stang sits just as we would build yours.”

Brenspeed Races, You Win

Of course, none of this would be possible without the help from other car enthusiasts. Brent told us he wanted to thank Team Brenspeed for the fast build, and “Big” Chris Smith for the One Lap guidence, as well as Team Gas Monkey Energy for all of the support over the last three years. Brent told us that this collaboration afford them more than three years of Brock Yates’ One Lap Of America tours, including first- , second-, and four-place place finishes in the class, as well as a receiving the 2015 Boyd Coddington Best Vehicle Appearance award.

“The S550 in this form has proven to be an incredible street car that is track-worthy,” Brent said. “We have clocked more than 23,000 miles on this development car, and it is by far the best handling and most comfortable Mustang in our stable. It averages around 23 mpg and has more than 650 horsepower at the rear wheels — all while driving and handling better than when it came off of the showroom floor.

“One of the best things about this car is the instant torque from the Roush TVS supercharger. Paired with the McLeod RST clutch, it’s as light on the foot as stock. When driving a car long distances, a heavy pedal racing style clutch can be a bit taxing on your leg, so the RST is a great remedy of that. Not only that, but the RST holds every bit of the torque our supercharged Mustang is making, and you never know it’s there,” he concluded.

It’s Brenspeed‘s job to build its customers their dream cars, and Brent and his team take great pride in providing enthusiasts with longterm solutions when it comes to high performance. Checkout what the company has to offer for your late model Mustang here.

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