SEMA 2017: Roadster Shop’s RS63 Corvette At The Baer Brakes Display

Every car has at least two pedals. The “Go” and the “Whoa.”

Baer Brakes is a world renown expert on the latter and what a better way to showcase your wares then to call uber-hot restomod builder The Roadster Shop, and get them to show the biggest, baddest, bluest 1963 Restomod Corvette on the planet running a set of your killer binders.

Dubbed the RS63 Corvette, the car showcases the considerable talent of the Roadster Shop gang. Starting with a tired, silver ’63 Coupe, the transformation from ho-hum to superstar commenced.

After the body was removed and set aside, the hoary old 1950’s tech chassis was rolled away and retired. In it’s place, a state-of-the-art, all independent Roadster Shop “FastTrack,” chassis with custom suspension components at all four corners, was brought into the mix.

For motivation, a Wegner Motorsports LS3 V8 with an Edelbrock supercharger belting out 750hp was dropped in backed up by a 4L80E automatic transmission. All this rolls on Forgeline wheels, 20s in back and 19s up front, and of course, Baer Brakes.

The interior was handled by Avante Guard Interior, who did a tasteful update on the classic C2 cockpit, swathing most every surface with buttery black leather.

Meanwhile, the body needed a lot of work and received a new front fiberglas clip as well as rear roof section and valance. After the basics were squared away, they installed a mini-tub floor that the Roadster Shop happens to offer for sale to builders as well.

Then, they laid some very subtle but tasty jewelry all over the car that may not seem apparent at first glance. Check out the custom made glass that fits flush to the roof and pillars. Dip this in a beautiful shade of blue, add custom vents, flat black badging and glossy black bumpers and you’ve got a stunning combination.

It was a killer under the lights at SEMA too, garnering a lot of attention and was one of our favorite ‘Vettes of the show.

Kudos to the Roadster Shop on a great project and thanks to Baer Brakes for participating in the build and showing the car at SEMA 2017. For more info and details regarding Baer Brakes, go here.

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