SEMA 2017: Hotchkis Helps You Hit The Corners Faster

Hotchkis Sport Suspension has been improving muscle cars and helping improve track performance for years, but their most recent focus has been on expanding their application list to improve the characteristics of cars the way their customers want to see them improved.

Rob Byrd tell us that many of the newer cars already have fantastic suspension geometry so just swaybars can have an incredible improvement on their performance. Since swaybars don’t affect the ride quality of your car, “with an adjustable swaybar, you can now meet almost any need that you’ve got for your car.” Of course lowering springs can be a benefit as well, but the swaybar package is where it’s at.

“We spend a lot of time driving it, testing it, making sure that it works, and then we use the right steel. Our swaybar bender can make bends and create fitments for many applications that other companies can’t touch. They have giant, humongous machines that do all sorts of automated things, but they can’t bend the same radius that we can on our machine. It’s awesome.”

Hotchkis designs everything to work together, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all at once. If you want to start off with just springs, or just swaybars, you can do that. When you are ready to step things up, you can go down the list and start making improvements where you need them and know that they’ll work together. “A customer can use us as a one-stop shop, get everything that will work together, and have it sent to their house. They will know it was done right.”

Not only that, Byrd expands more on the other things they’ve been working on too. Springs and swaybars aren’t the only thing they do, “We can cover custom steering boxes, provide the ability to install big brake kits, and rear ends; we do it all.”

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