SEMA 2017: Fidanza Reveals Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Your Flywheel

Jumping right into how fantastic the customer service is from Fidanza, our on-air host Dennis Pittsenbarger had some great things to say about Fidanza products, since he uses them on his own car. Pointing out that the customer service is amazing, Jeff Jenkins at Fidanza tells us, “That’s our whole goal, we really want to make sure we provide all of our clients with the best that we can possibly provide.”

Of course, customer service isn’t the only thing Fidanza brings to the table, they’ve got some nice lightweight flywheels as well. With a seemingly unlimited budget, many enthusiasts and power hungry owners will chase furiously after more and more power, but overlook parts of the system that helps actually get that power to the pavement. Fidanza knows just how important a lightweight flywheel can be, and they’ve made that their specialty. If you can reduce weight with the flywheel, you can ensure more power makes it to the ground AND make your car feel a little lighter on its feet. 

For those worried about application coverage, fear not. They offer a huge catalog of performance flywheels which means there isn’t an area of vehicles or brand they don’t touch. Fidanza looks at the enthusiast and tries their best to make sure they can help them and that their flywheels make for an easy upgrade.

Plus, Fidanza makes sure to base their flywheel fitment on factory clutches, making sure that no matter what your favorite clutch brand is, they’ve got a perfectly matched flywheel to go along with it. When it comes to drivability, Jenkins attributes that their experience allows their flywheels to be used whether your car is a daily driver or full blown track beast. They estimate that upward of 90 percent of their flywheels are used on daily driven vehicles, and they take special care to ensure that optimal performance and drivability is at the peak.

To top it off, Fidanza is proud to be an American company, and they put forth their effort to provide products that are made in the U.S.A. and spend much of their efforts to grow that. For a full application list of covered vehicles, check out Fidanza!

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