SEMA 2017: AEM Performance Squeezes Max Performance Into The CD-5

The well known and very adaptable AEM CD–7 digital dash display which features a 7 inch display screen is now available in a 5 inch size! Cruising past the AEM booth we spotted the ever familiar CD–7 digital dash display. With its vibrant color screen and led warning lights flashing, we enjoyed the slide show of various screen you can set up on the display. As you may recall from our hands-on experience with the CD–7, users have the ability to easily display every available piece of data from the pcm or external sensors making for a unique experience no matter what vehicle you install it into.

What was new however, was the slightly smaller CD–5. Packing in all the same features, the new CD–5 features a 5 inch display that offers all the unique features the larger 7 inch size does, but it does so in a more compact, even easier to mount size.

Talking to Nathan Stewart from AEM about how they dealt with the new screen size and resolution, he explains “we started putting the big layouts on the CD-5 from the CD7, but they actually end up crystal clear and really sharp. This enables you to easily toggle between the cd-7 and 5 without needing different layouts.” They didn’t change the resolution of the screen, meaning the smaller screen size with the same resolution makes for very sharp looking on screen graphics. Any of the existing screens and layouts you might have for the CD–7 will work great on the CD–5.

“If anything has a CANBUS output and you have their CANBUS protocol, you can plug it into the dash and it’ll work. The smaller CD-5 works great in any application, including motorcycles and side-by-sides where the CD–7 might have taken up too much room.”

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