PRI 2017: Tilton Offers New Pedal Assembly To Keep Your Feet Happy


An important part of any racecar puzzle is something that connects you directly to the car; your pedal assembly. We usually drool at the innovative and customized options that Tilton offers, and this year was no different as they showed off their new 800 Series racing pedal assemblies. Kirk Skaufel from Tilton explained the differences between the three pedal series they have, with the 800 series being the newest and bringing a lot to the table.

“The 800 series pedal assembly is the newest option we have, and we attempted to bridge the gap between the 600 and the 900 options. We have taken our underfoot pedal assembly and incorporated the pivot mount master cylinders from the 900 series. You get 95% of the performance of the 900 at about a third the price.”

Tilton also showed off their new 79 Series master cylinder which Skaufel explains as being truly ABS compatible. “The Bosch Motorsports ABS system used in GT3 cars is extremely aggressive on seals and master cylinders, where it would try and extrude the seal through the cut-off port and wear the seal. We worked with Audi to develop the 79 series which is truly ABS compatible, since the Bosch Motorsport systems send back about 8,000 psi at the master. We’re supplying to all the Audi R8 GT3 cars, Lamborghini Huracan’s and such as the standard master.”

Skaufel also hinted at some new clutch offerings for the LS and Coyote market, which is expected some time next year. “We wanted to utilize our racing heritage and success, making a product for the street market.”

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