PRI 2017: Energy Suspension Bushings For Everything You Own

We focus so much on improving the performance, handling, and power of our cars that we sometimes forget the basics. High end suspension, sway bars, wide sticky tires, and gobs of power rocket our vehicles from one corner to the next, but what about the stuff directly connected to that? We’re talking about bushings. Connecting darn near every component in your car in some way, bushings can make or break the feel of your car.

Brand new off the lot, your car was equipped with softer bushings from the manufacture, which provides a comfortable ride and isolates as much noise, vibration, and harshness as possible. While great for daily driving, these pesky little buggers can loosen up even more over time creating lots of slop and play in places there shouldn’t be.

Energy Suspension solves this in two ways. First of all, they put their products through a lot of testing to ensure that what they’re creating improves upon factory parts. Their goal is to create quality components that drivers continue to demand, and they use their decades of in-house experience to make sure the meet that goal.

Secondly (and perhaps more important) is that they provide an option for you to improve and replace worn out components for platforms that are sometimes neglected by other bushing manufactures. It should be noted that they make products for all types of vehicles, included trucks, motorhomes, and tow rigs–so rest easy knowing all your vehicles have some of the highest performance polyurethane components around.

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