Classic Instruments certainly know their way around custom gauges offering precise readouts and clean oem appearance. However, John McLeod tells us that they’ve been recently expanding into the race performance industry now that drivers are recognizing how accurate their gauges are–and they want that performance on the track.

When we asked them about changes that were required to provide racers with everything they needed, McLeod told us, “The gauge doesn’t know what it’s in, but the one thing we noticed that was needed and nobody had, was warning lights. Obviously the racers like the full sweep faces, but we added warning lights into everything. On top of that all of our gauges have 0.5-4.5v outputs for dataloggers where everyone else is cutting and splicing wires–we actually built it into our gauge. This means any datalogger, Racepak, or anybody, you just plug it in and it’s done. That is definitely two of the big advantages, the built in warning lights that are programable and the output for all dataloggers.”

“We’re getting a lot of feedback from the racers using our gauges, and we have even seen a few (racers) that like them so much they make their own custom label series gauges to offer their customers.”

“You go to the racers to figure out what’s needed, road racers and drag racers are who we go to for our research and development. We’re really trying to fill niches that racers want.”

McLeod was also excited to show us their new all-in-one harness for vehicles using the Tremec Magnum transmissions. “This offers control for your reverse lockout. Everybody is putting it on their brake switch to control the solenoid, but this is activated through a smartphone by speed; which also lets you adjust the speedometer from your smartphone, as well as controlling the reverse lights.”