VW Wraps up Manufacturer’s Championship With Speed’s Performance  

Scott Speed shares the podium with Sebastian Erickson of team Honda Red Bull OMSE (2nd place) and Steve Arpin from Loenbro Motorsports (3rd place). All images courtesy media.vw.com.

Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross’s Tanner Faust was Volkswagen’s hero in their winning the Red Bull Global Rallycross Manufacturer’s title in 2016. Faust won the 2016 season’s finale in Seattle. This year’s winner is again Volkswagen but this time the hero driver whose winning performance clinched the title was Scott Speed.

Speed Wins Twice At Bader Field

Speed celebrates one of his victories.

This year’s finale was at Bader Field in Atlantic City and the dominant winner was Scott Speed, winning two races over the weekend. The second round of heats Saturday was his only bobble. He drove the No 41 Oberto Circle K Beetle GRC to second place, but otherwise he was perfect. Saturday morning saw him set the quickest qualifying time when he qualified for Race 1.

This was an incredibly important race weekend for us        -Scott Speed

At the conclusion of the weekend Speed said “This was an incredibly important race weekend for us and we walked out of Atlantic City with about the best result we could have hoped for. The Beetle GRC is on rails, and it’s a testament to this crew and how hard we’ve all worked to build a super competitive race team.” These two wins put him, according to Volkswagen “back in control of the driver’s championship standings.”

VW Wins Title Twice in a Row

Speed overtook Andretti teammate Tanner Faust (pictured) in the driver points with his performance over the weekend.

His performance over the weekend also clinched the manufacturer’s title for VW, their second time in a row. Faust needed until the last race of the season to secure the title for VW last year. Ford is the only manufacturer who had won two Rallycross Manufacturer’s titles in a row before this. The performance of the GRC Beetle and Speed this year is even more impressive because there are still five races left in the 2017 season (Two on Sept 9th, two on the 10th and one on the 14th of October.).

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