Misha Charoudin, also known as Boosted Boris, is a YouTube personality with enough charisma and talent to make up for some of the tiresome vloggers whose videos revolve around cars, though their focus is on an exotic lifestyle; not driving. Unlike those guys, Charoudin regularly gets onto the track is interested with keeping his skills sharp; namely by driving a variety of machines at the Nordschleife.

Like anyone who’s driven a number of track days, Charoudin knows the occasional incident is never out of the question. He’s had a few fender benders in cheaper track toys at the ‘Ring before, but here he managed to put his pricey BMW M4 into the wall. What’s worse—he suspects ABS was the culprit.

As the section Charoudin stacked his car in is not terribly technical, and some of the sounds and the reactions of the car were, well, unusual. He suspects the ABS overreacted and prevented him from braking at the limit. Watch the footage, listen to his explanation, and see if it makes sense to you.

Sadly, the price of a tow isn’t included with the entry fee.

Luckily, the repairs are mostly cosmetic, and the priciest parts of his M4 emerged unscathed from the brush with the barrier. Charoudin also had to pay for the damages to the guardrail as well as the tow fee—yikes. The estimated overall cost of this crash: between $6,000 and $14,000.

Another reason Charoudin ought to get a few thousand more subscribers from this honest assessment is that he hasn’t had the wind taken from his sails as a consequence of this minor—albeit expensive—fender bender. In fact, he might take this as an opportunity to turn the M4 into a dedicated track car.

He’s got one more follower.