Video: Watch A Dodge Viper ACR 1 of 1 Owners Story

ACR_1With the increasing number of workforce executives opting to drive fuel-efficient or environmentally friendly vehicles to work these days, it’s refreshing to see that there are still a few high-level business managers that just don’t fit that particular mold.

Ben Sloss is a perfect example one of these executives. Sloss is Google’s Vice President of Engineering and a proud owner of the Viper ACR. He also has no problem using the ACR as his daily driver on occasion either. But this is no ordinary Viper. You see, Sloss purchased this Amercian made supercar utilizing the Viper’s 1-of-1 program.

There are introverted cars and extroverted  cars and then there’s this thing! -Ben Sloss

Dodge’s 1-of -1 personalization program ensures that no two Vipers ordered are allowed to be alike.

With the Dodge Viper program officially ending this year, Sloss was able to completely personalize his dream ACR from the factory, ensuring his Viper was one of a kind.

Sloss and his wife are no strangers to fast cars and have an impressive collection of exotics; including several limited-run Ferraris topping off their collection.

The husband and wife duo also spend much of their free time at the track, enjoying these vehicles as they were meant to be from the factory. On the official Benjamin Sloss YouTube channel, it’s apparent that the duo has some impressive track day skills as well!

Dodge filmed Ben Sloss as he brought​ his Dodge Viper ACR to a track day event at Laguna Seca. The result? According to Sloss, the Viper ACR led him to his fastest lap time outside of a $1 million car, undercutting his lap time goal of 1:36 by two seconds!

The video above is a reminder of the pride of ownership Vipers owners share, and Sloss shows us that he is capable and willing to drive this 1-of-1 supercar both on the track and even for the occasional commute to the office. The smile on the Google Exec’s face says it all.

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