Video: Volvo World Touring Car Versus Truck? Two Champs Head to Head

With two unlikely vehicles posed in a head to head race, who wins? Similarities between the S60 and Iron Knight race truck end at the Volvo badge they carry up front, but that didn’t stop them from racing in an all out track battle. With both straight line and track testing compared, each has the opportunity to come out on top as the winner.


The first contender is the FIA race winner from Shanghai, China-the Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine good for 400 hp. Driven by Thed Björk, this S60 is capable of 0-60 times of about 4.6 seconds and has already proved itself with a recent win during the the World Touring Car Championship in China. But will it be enough to beat the Iron Knight?


Sitting next to the Polestar S60 is Volvo’s Iron Knight, a 10,000 pound giant with 2,400 horsepower that truly dwarfs the WTCC car next to it in every physical way possible. Volvo claims this beast to be The Fastest Truck In The World after taking home two official speed records for trucks in the 500 and 1000 meter timed runs. With its five ton weight, 4,425 pound-feet of torque is delivered through a dual clutch gearbox to get the Iron Knight moving. Is it enough power to outrun the Polestar?


The first part of the race is a traditional quarter mile drag race to demonstrate which will take the straight line title. Although they boast similar 0-60 times, the Iron Knight might have difficulty launching on the wet track. With a close start, both the Polestar and Iron Knight are neck and neck, but as speeds increase, the Iron Knight shows off its impressive horsepower to weight ratio and pulls away for the win.


With a final chance to beat the Iron Knight on more familiar turf, the S60 attempts its luck on the Mantorp Park track in Sweden in the second race. Purpose built for an environment like this, the Polestar S60 should have a much better chance to even the score. With an initial time trial, the Iron Knight is provided a head start on the racetrack. Once the flag drops for the Polestar, it begins to quickly reign in the truck while eating up the corners in the process. Ultimately, the S60 was able to catch up and pass the Iron Knight for the win on the track. Both uniquely different and quick, these two Volvo’s put up a great fight as they proved how quick they really are.

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