Video: Testing a Turbo’d Porsche 911 SC in the Rain!

These days, the “widowmaker” moniker gets thrown around a little too liberally when talking about Porsche 911s. Even with big thrust on-tap, the modern versions are so much more civilized that they’re really capable as long-distance cruisers. However, some of the crazier 911 enthusiasts still yearn for the dangerous days of old and build cars like this monster.

The classic 911 SC might not be the most appealing to the diehard enthusiast, but it’s light and enjoys a vast aftermarket. This beast, which has been tinkered on over the course of a decade, is propelled by a built 3.4-liter with a melon-sized turbo. It weighs 2,600 pounds. It uses a 930’s four-speed transmission with the shorter ratios. It lacks traction control, and retains the original narrow body. The man who directed the modification process deserves a medal.

Punky styling cues, like the exposed intercooler, suggest this 911 SC is a little angrier than most. Photo credit: @the_derek_whitacre

That man is Derek Whitacre—a Los Angeles-based musician who discovered his love for classic Porsches after his friend brought him along for a jaunt through Mulholland Drive at questionable speeds. With the seeds sewn, Derek grabbed one of the lighter, cheaper 911s he could find for himself and has been “ruining it slowly over the past eleven years.” GT2 cams, a GT2 oil pump, a hefty K27S turbocharger, and a custom Haltech fuel system makes for 420 ponies at the rear wheels and 460 lb-ft of shove. That’s enough for a very wobbly 165 mph, though Derek’s too scared of finding out, and for good reason.

NT01 tires, Elephant Racing suspension, a Quaife LSD, and 993 Turbo brakes help—just slightly—to make this frightening car semi-usable, though it’s obvious that Farah’s intimidated by the combination of turbo lag, little weight, and rain. Sensible enough—considering how another driver parks his Malibu in a ditch just thirty seconds into the review. Nevertheless, Farah gives the car a good workout, and manages to scare its owner pretty well.

Looks like sitting shotgun in this Porsche wasn’t Derek’s idea of a good time.

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