Eau Rouge is frightening enough in the dry. The infamous corner has challenged and bested some of the world’s best drivers, been the scene of several incredible saves, and made some men into heroes. Crested, blind on entry, very fast, and never taken totally flat—it is one of the world’s most challenging corners. Therefore, when a little rain slickens the surface, it forces the driver to think quickly—and not everyone can handle it.

The car here further complicates matters. This classic Porsche 910 weighs just 1,268 pounds and propels itself down the road with a mere 220 horsepower, is tube-framed, uses Formula 1-style suspension (unequal length upper and lower control arms), and wears rear tires measuring 9″ wide. It’s nimble and responsive to inputs, and abrupt lifts of the throttle can help the car trace a tighter line or spin, as this driver found out.

Most likely, the red car entering the track might’ve sapped some of this driver’s confidence—the car is worth a pretty penny, after all. Sometimes, a minor distraction at a critical moment is enough to cause a fairly major incident.

When the rear snaps in the wet, lightning reactions are absolutely necessary.

There’s plenty to take into consideration through this corner. With so little grip, the driver needs to crawl. Throw in a crest, a moment of tension trying to avoid the car joining the track, and a snappy breakaway, and the amount of fast processing needed it immense; so the spin is totally understandable. It’s just fascinating to see how quickly things can go badly while going so slowly.