There are some people for whom an Evo or a snarling M3 simply isn’t enough. This certifiable bunch can consult Silver Car, a Spanish company building lightweight track toys, and order something that borders on suicidal. The stats of this car should leave any gearhead shaking: 420 horsepower and 1,122 pounds, carbon panels, and the promise of more power eventually. There’s little that this freakish creation can’t handle, and with a talented driver at the wheel, it completely monsters Portugal’s Rampa de Falperra hillclimb.

With 765 horsepower per ton and an closely stacked gears, the Silver Car EF10 could be a dragster if it wanted. Fortunately, it’s a spaceframe scalpel with the precision of a single seater and traction to make a Porsche 911 envious. It’s a modified version of the Silver Car we witnessed a few months ago, but now with an additional 40 horsepower from the turbocharged GSX-R motor and less weight thanks to some carbon bits replacing fiberglass panels, it’s even faster.

Photo credit: HillClimbLocura

Its acceleration should be enough to stun any auto junkie, but when compared to its nimbleness and willingness to change direction, that becomes a less interesting trait. The agility is better than a prototype, and the braking performance is remarkable with its AP Racing 265mm brakes adorning all four corners. The revised Silver Car eats up any corner and any surface change with glee, and somehow remains compliant while offering all that agility. They aim to bump power by another 40 ponies and shed 100 pounds from the svelte frame—just imagine how terrifying that will be.