Vintage racing events are supposed to be fairly relaxed, aren’t they? Well, Todd Treffert is a guy who looks at-ease hustling an IROC 911 around the daunting bends at Road Atlanta, is happy to hop curbs, and revels in coaxing the tail into small slides to keep the opposition at bay. Seems he’s there to do more than sip lemonade in the shade.

Casually countersteering through the downhill esses; Teffert’s spent some time in this beauty.

For all the horror stories you hear about vintage 911s, this one doesn’t quite live up to the fearsome reputation. Sure, it slides around a little in the quick stuff, but it never seems to catch out Treffert, whose smooth steering inputs (check his magic at 0:40 for a puckering moment) keep the tail in line.

From the second lap, Treffert settles into a cool groove with the IROC Porsche, and though never looking to wring the car’s neck, puts together a series of faultless laps that allow him to streak away from the field—which is largely made up of similar 911s. His shifts are clean, his lines are neat, and when he comes upon slower traffic, they generally make way. One guy even pulls off to let Treffert through (7:52)!

Photo credit: Cars and Competition

By the way it changes direction, puts power down, and blares between downshifts, you can’t help but want to peek under the cushions for lost change to start a Porsche fund. Perhaps with a few years’ worth of saving and enough practice, you could put on a masterclass like this guy.