Video: Racer Fined For Posting Near Accident With Course Car

Open wheel racing always has its share of horrific accidents thanks to the blistering speeds and narrow margins, however this video is an absolutely terrifying. This footage, recorded during an ADAC Formula 4 Championship practice session on the Oschersleben circuit in Germany, shows Sophia Floersch of Mucke Motorsport narrowly avoiding contact with course recovery car. Ironically, the course car was on its way to recover another driver who had been stranded in a gravel trap. Mind bogglingly though, the driver of the course car carelessly crossed an active race track, seemingly without looking. Despite having already slowed down due to the red flag caused by the stuck car, Sophia was still carrying some massive speed through the section and was just barely able to dodge the reckless course car.

Split second reactions saved Sophia Floersch from a nasty collision.

Here’s the kicker, though. Shortly after posting the video of this almost nightmare, Sophia Floersch was slapped with fine of almost $6000. No, you read that right. Sophia was the one to be fined for apparently breaching ADAC regulations by posting the footage. The formal ruling levied on her stated that: “It is forbidden to publish any footage taken during an event, unless specifically approved by the ADAC. The stewards shall punish any infringement with fines of at least €20,000 (almost $23,000).” Thankfully, it appears that Sophia only receive a portion of that fine rather than the full sum.

All of us can surely relate to Sophia’s knee jerk reaction. An idiotic course car blindly crosses an active race track that could have easily cost Sophia her life if not for her quick thinking and reactions, and if you had footage of that, you’d want it blasted across the twitterverse. From a PR standpoint, the takeaway is this: “If you show our series in a bad light, you’re going to get slammed for it.” Regrettably though, I think this whole debacle has brought more attention to the issue than if they were to just let the footage be.


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