Honda’s last rear wheel-drive offering has always been a big hit in the road racing community. With a short wheelbase, a low center of gravity and a high-revving, compact motor sitting well behind the front axle, the S2000 has all the makings for a cornering machine.

With an engine dubbed the “torqueless wonder,” the car has to handle if it aims to be competitive. When an ambitious driver gets their hands on an S2000 and improves upon its stellar handling, they become capable of fending off some very expensive machinery.


Since cornering speed is its greatest strength, churning through tires is just part of a day’s work in this S2000.

Favored by affluent trackday aficionados, the GT3 is bound to be seen on any given weekend at Thunderhill Raceway. This is because its powerful flat-six engine and outrageous traction allow it to fly down the circuit’s long straights and fire out of the slower corners which punctuate an otherwise quick track. Not overly technical, Thunderhill is a circuit that rewards guts and determination as well as power. Though the S2000 it challenges is short on grunt, the diminutive Honda makes up for its setbacks with incredible cornering speed.

Yielding a meager 218whp from an F20C with exhaust, intake and a tune, the S2000 is certainly no rocketship. However, a square tire setup, front splitter, rear wing, suspension, big brakes and some sticky NT-01 tires complete an exceptionally balanced package. Yet, it’s the driver that proves the strongest modification, as his risk taking in traffic and courage in the quicker corners are what, ultimately, keep the mighty GT3 at bay.