Image Credit: perfomaceautosport via eBay Motors

He’s been called many things: The Godfather of Performance, the Mustang Guru…The master…Kenny Brown knows his way around the famed Ford pony car, and has race wins and championships to back it up. The world took notice of Brown’s maestro-like abilities in chassis and engine set up as the crew chief for supercar builder, Steve Saleen, and Team Saleen as they dominated the Escort Endurance Series in 1987, capturing the Drivers Championship, Team Championship, Manufactures Cup, and Tire Manufactures Championship.

By season’s end, an exodus of customers with Mustangs started showing up at Kenny’s door, seeking “The Master” to work his mojo on their cars. Naturally this led to Kenny Brown Performance as we know it today. The tuner has engineered some of the best handling, quick cars for both the street and track.

Many of Brown’s innovative parts have been duplicated over the years, as his solutions proved perfect in many applications. But to get the original, made “in-house” parts, the only place to go is where all his disciples came so many years ago — but now in a new location! Kenny Brown Performance has moved to Indianapolis, where so many race teams in NHRA, Indy, IMSA and with them, the talented fabricators and wrenches have made their home.

Here is a video interview from a couple of years ago at SEMA’s MPMC event, where the author and Brown, the legend himself, talk some Mustang racing history with some of the great drivers that raced with Team Saleen, including Rick Titus, George Follmer and Parnelli Jones.