Video: GT40 Wrecks With McLaren At Goodwood

The opportunity to see the racing machines from yesteryear that so many grew up watching and hearing about is brought back to life at the events revolving around Goodwood. This isn’t just walking around and viewing restored machines that sit in museums all day, it’s about seeing these living machines racing wheel to wheel on the track. The passion and legacy that so many of these vehicles have is an experience that cannot be captured on film, but for many of us is the only way to see these race cars in action.


Although there is always some danger in racing, the events now are certainly a step up from the racing that took place decades ago when safety was significantly less important and winning was everything. That doesn’t mean that you don’t see crashes however, as these race cars don’t have the annoying nannies and aids that cars are plagued with today. With that said, crashes are not uncommon when racing these legacy machines, and sometimes it won’t even be your fault, which is clearly the case after watching everything unfold here.

Case in point is this video from the Surtees Trophy, in which a driver who went off track caused someone else to crash after a haphazard and careless reentry onto the track. The Surtees Trophy celebrates V8 racers prior to 1966, and the collection of these rare cars is quite impressive, and witnessing them in person racing and going full tilt is surely on our bucket list. The number 65 car spins off track (several times mind you), and the driver doesn’t take any time to evaluate the other cars on the track before reentering mid corner and swerving across the tarmac.


As that happens, a GT40 lifts when number 65 cuts in front, and spins out of control. Once the throttle lift oversteer occurs, the driver fights to keep the car under control but ultimately the front end bites in and forces the old race car right into the back corner of a Can-Am McLaren. This is a tough break, and certainly one that could have been avoided all together if number 65 had waited for an opening before trying to reenter the track. At first it seemed quite obvious who was at fault here, but it’s important to note however, that at 0:52 you can see a corner marshall waving a green flag; did the number 65 car think it was safe to enter the track?


After the crash, number 65 continues to race on, unaware of the accident they just caused because of a simple off track excursion coupled with an unsafe reentry mid corner. The GT40 seems to take the most damage, and the safety car went out immediately afterward giving them time for proper track clean up.


Of course, this wasn’t the only crash that happened, as this was the same event in which Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason crashed his McLaren F1 GTR during a parade lap, proving that there is a lot of excitement at these events!

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