Video: Corvette Racing And What Makes Them An Enduring Team

The Corvette Racing team has been racing in competition since 1999, and with last months victory win in the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours Of Sebring rang in the team’s 103rd win. Spanning wins at many tracks, the Corvette Racing team has managed 103 victories, 11 manufacturer and team championships, 10 drivers championships, and 19 years of consecutive competition–quite the laundry list showing their dedication to the sport and the Corvette platform.


In the video, they talk to several drivers for the team, and all of them had very positive things to say about each other and the accomplishments they’ve made over the years. “Corvette racing works–and its pretty easy and we know exactly what to do. so I think that’s also very important to keep consistency not only in the car, but the team, the teamwork and because we know what it takes to win.” says Antonio Garcia


The reliability and consistency has shown off well for them, “There were times times that we didn’t have the fastest car, but we found other ways than outright speed to win races” comments Tommy Milner, one of the teams racing drivers. This holds true on the track since race teams tech and tuning changes over time, occasionally providing a slight edge over competing teams. When this happens, they quickly scramble to figure out where to make up time.


“It comes down to continuity, consistency in the workforce, whether that is the engineering staff or mechanics, or crewchiefes or driver lineups, the management. You know, it’s that sort of great mantra of if it ain’t broke we don’t need to fix it” comments driver Oliver Gavin.

The C5R, C6R, and C7R have shown an incredible development and learning curve over the years, as the Corvette Racing team gathers more and more data. Using this, the Corvette platform will drop lap times, earn more wins, and strengthen the team bond.



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