Video: 700-HP R34 GT-R Sideways on the Rally Stage

One infamous Spaniard took to this GT-R and set about making it one of the fastest machines on the hillclimb course. That man, who goes by the nickname “Matias El Humilde,” is an infamous figure from Spain, where he’s known for his street racing and brazen attitude. Seeing as “humilde” translates to “humble,” one pauses to think what his driving style is like. Not surprisingly, it’s audacious—just like the man’s personality.

His GT-R in focus here rounds out a garage populated with big names. His Viper and Murcielago often get the spotlight when the street racer’s name is brought up, but this highly modified GT-R trumps both of them in terms of exuberance, if not in sheer speed. Spending most of the lap completely sideways, one assumes the front wheels aren’t doing much of the propulsion, and he’s set his boost settings to “entertain.”

Hustling sideways out of nearly every corner to the delight of his onlookers.

Hustling sideways out of nearly every corner to the delight of his onlookers.

The RB26 motor has been stroked to 2.8 liters with an HKS Step 2 kit, and the internals have all been replaced with forged pieces. Tomei 270-degree cams and a massive Trust T88 turbo make for a spiky power delivery and a ferocious top-end, with somewhere in the vicinity of 700 horsepower!

The heavyweight Skyline looks maneuverable, though. With Crux coilovers and Manati suspension arms at each corner, the cornering grip and agility is simply superb; it belies something quite so hefty. When the 295-section Advans do eventually claw into the pavement, the acceleration is quite frightening, especially on such a tightly-confined pass like the one seen here.

Matias looks completely at-ease when drifting inches from the guardrails.

Matias looks completely at-ease when drifting inches from the guardrails.

Massive Brembo brakes from a Ferrari F50 aid deceleration when Matias occasionally stabs the middle pedal, but generally speaking, Matias opts to throw the car into the corner; balancing his prodigious use of the throttle with quick countersteering. His style is hyper-aggressive, and with his reputation it’s no surprise he’s a crowd pleaser; the fans cheer as he enters the picture with the rears completely lit. Because his countersteering is so quick, and his management of the car’s attitude into the corner consistently clean and tidy, one gets the impression he’s showing off and not overly concerned with the car’s best performance. He’s out there for fun, and for the bolstering of his ego. Nothing wrong with that.

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