MCA Suspension, builders of the unrivaled Hammerhead S13, have unleashed another frightening creation on the public. With this new creation, nicknamed “Stingray,” they replaced the GT86’s anemic flat-four with the venerable VR38DETT from an R35 GT-R. They then threw a little more boost at it for good measure before taking it to Mallala Motor Sport Park for the SA Time Attack.

Though the GT86 platform is woefully underpowered, it’s extremely capable and can handle a serious amount of thrust. In fact, this restyled GT86 used a VQ37 for the purposes of setting a quick lap until MCA realized the machine could handle quite a bit more—1,000 horsepower in this case, courtesy of big Borg-Warner EFR7163 turbos.

The motor’s built for abuse, and has been modified with competition-spec hardware: CP-Carillo rods and pistons, Kelford camshafts and valve springs, Cosworth headgaskets, ARP head studs, and an Dailey Engineering dry sump for lubrication in the most demanding conditions.

Photo credit: MCA Suspension

That thrust is driven through a Mantic clutch, a Holinger sequential six-speed, and onto a Nismo two-way differential housed in a 350Z pumpkin. This nifty driveline helps harness the horsepower somewhat, though that credit goes mostly to the Toyota’s factory suspension.

In fact, the only modifications MCA have made to its footwork are a set of their Red Series shock absorbers and their 86 Traction Mod bracket. A set of street-legal Yokohamas and a disciplined right foot are all that’s needed to put this colossal thrust to the pavement with shockingly little wheelspin. Though the relentless surge of the GT-R motor is remarkable, it’s the way this budget sports car makes such good use of the grunt—good enough to secure the open class win and second fastest outright time with a lap of 1:08.304! Considering this is their first shakedown with the R35 motor, that’s nothing to sniff at—though they’ll need to find another two seconds to be truly competitive.