Toyota Has A New Sports Concept With Weird Auto-Manual Shifter

This definietely takes some cues from the existing FR-S/BRZ/86 but with hood vents and some pretty wild looking headlights. Gives the Lexus “Gatling Gun” projectors a run for its money with the number of lenses.

We’ve certainly seen quite a few 86/FR-S/BRZ variants come from Toyota and Scion since the platform first came to be back in 2013, but this newest concept car seems to snag some styling from them while being completely different. Introducing the Toyota GR HR, which is Toyota’s most recent “sports car” floating about the internet.

Taking some influence from the TS050 LMP1 racing car, this somewhat odd little two seater has had it’s top removed and could be the newest targa topped car we’ve seen in a while from them, assuming it actually makes it to production. Information has been extremely scarce from Toyota, but we know that it will have some sort of hybrid powertrain refined from the TS050 Hybrid. We’d suspect that some variant of the 86/BRZ engine to make its way into the chassis, but so far we have no clues as to how the 2.0-liter would find itself interwoven within a hybrid.

Powertrain and availability is not the only question we’ve got about the GR HR, the transmission leaves quite a bit of speculation as well. Although it features a “manual” style shift lever, there are rather prominent P, R, N, and D just above hvac controls. However, there is a red “M” begging to be selected, and you can see on the little flip up cover on the knob that there is a standard looking H-pattern. What? Does this mean you’ll have the option to drive it mindlessly like an auto, but flip over to “M” and row through the gears?

With a start stop button on top of the knob, you can see the red cover feature a relatively standard looking 6-speed layout, thought most likely no reverse.

Call it what you want, but we wanna drive one ourselves. So many questions-what sort of transmission? How smooth is it? Can you skip gears? Ugh, I guess we’ll wait for more info. In the mean time, keep the guessing rolling in.

Excessively large shift selector buttons just below the radio ensure you’ll have no problem choosing a drive mode. Perhaps something smaller and mounted in the center console would have been best.

With that said, this isn’t actually the first time we’ve seen something like this in a car. A while back Alfa Romeo had a similar system in their 156 call the “Q System” which allowed normal automatic driving, but also a 4 speed manual selection. Unfortunately the production of it was rather limited, and we couldn’t find any videos online showing it in use. It seems to function pretty similarly to a tiptronic transmission, but rather than just bumping the shifter up or down, you actually choose the gear you want. We’ll hold off on thoughts until we actually see this thing in action.

The rear end certainly screams Lexus LFA, with similar looking tail lights and center mounted exhaust.

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