This McLaren 570S Race Car Is The Ultimate Car…For Kids

Are you a car guy AND parent? Like many of us out there, being a car person has its perks with raising a kid. You get to buy them cool car toy models to play with, branded t-shirts, and little cars and trucks to ride on. But what happens when you don’t want them to be like the other kids with fire engines or “cute” little no-name generic cars? Well when you’re ready to buy them their first ride, you might want to check out this Step2 McLaren 570S push car available on Amazon.

With the real McLaren 570S cost hovering around $200k, this $80 push car is an absolute bargain. Oh, and just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it skimps out on err, performance. Seeking to be the top performing push car, this 570S features an interactive steering wheel which will allow your little ones to “rev” their engines (of course any real parent knows any toy that makes sound will be cause for insanity–so brace yourselves). Providing a comfortable ride is important too, and the 570S rolls on ultra quiet whisper wheels which promise to really glide through the turns all while the child safety belt prevents occupants from escaping.

No crash testing was done (to our knowledge) with these racing belts, so passing track tech. may be questionable.

All this performance is backed by some luxury too, with two cup holders for the “driver” and one for Mom or Dad so no one is thirsty while cruising through the park. Just like the real thing, there is a small storage compartment available to store extra toys and goodies.

Being a parent doesn’t mean you need to give up anything cool–you might just find you expand your car collection a bit more, all while turning heads at the park and showing up your friends as well.

Step2 Mclaren 570S Push Car


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