SEMA 2017: Ridetech Reveals New Joints And Spindles

During the SEMA show this year we chatted with Darren Schilling at Ridetech who was very excited to show off some new products for this years show. Starting off was the new R-Joint which helps solve nearly all of the compromises other joint type products suffer from. Utilizing a polished stainless ball and delrin components, this new R-Joint allows smooth articulation on three planes, and because of the delrin construction it’s self lubricating.

When asked about dirt, debris, and sand, Schilling told us, “we packed if full of sand and all sorts of stuff, and it really doesn’t bother it. It’s got grooves on the sides which coincidentally help prevent stuff from getting stuck in there. We beat them up, filled them with sand, and drove the cars and didn’t have any problems.” Additionally, the spring loaded closure is always self-tightening into the tapered hole of the joint ensuring a tight and rattle free joint for life.

Joints weren’t the only new thing that Ridetech wanted to show off either. They also introduced a new 4-link suspension setup for the Second Gen Camaro, which utilizes a unicradle design that adds much needed structural rigidity to the rear suspension. With proper design to accommodate large tires, adjustable roll steer and instant center you’ll be able to dial in your car exactly how you want it.

Last on display was a nice new eye-catching modular spindle covering early GM cars. Upgrading to Corvette C7 hubs, this new spindle allows for C5 and C6 brakes to be a direct fit, offering a massive performance increase with all bolt on parts.

Plus, the modular design offers two benefits; ability to customize the spindle when ordering AND lower cost later if you need to change something. Want to change the steering arm? Give Ridetech a call and they’ll get you set up with just that one piece–no need to swap the entire spindle. For more information, check out

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