Pennzoil Video: The Last Viper

If you’re reading this on a phone, stop right now and jump on a computer or pull up this video on your TV, you won’t be disappointed; you NEED to be immersed in this action packed video that will tantalize the eyes and ears. The Pennzoil video titled, “The Last Viper” was put together as a sort of farewell to the legendary Dodge Viper ACR as production will cease this year.

Although the video starts and ends with a loosely told storyline, most of the video is pure automotive bliss involving the Viper ACR tearing up the streets. Flashing clues that the “last Viper stolen” we are thrust into the middle of the action with an unidentified hooded driver who seems to be stealing back the stolen Viper from a warehouse of bad guys counting up some cash.


A short “found her” text is sent to the presumable owner, and quickly he makes off with the ACR; exploding out of the warehouse in reverse, snagging some plastic sheeting on the rear spoiler as a quick J-turn is performed. Some of our favorite scenes come in around 1:13 where the Viper is drifting a corner in slow motion, spitting fire out of the side exit exhaust which dumps right in front of the rear wheel.


Another great scene is right after the Viper blasts through a tunnel and shoots out the exit, literally catching air. After some more epic driving scenes, the Viper ACR is returned back to its home. A quick text, “The Viper is back in the nest” is sent off from our hooded friend, indicating to us that it might not have been the owner the driver was texting all along. Hopefully we see more storyline and background explained in the next short film, so long as as it doesn’t take away from the similar driving nirvana clips found here in “The Last Viper.”


Long enough to fill your desire of revving, drifting, speeding, powerslides, and even a few clips of the ACR catching some air, yet short enough to keep you wanting more. Pennzoil has done a fantastic job at reminding us how special the Dodge Viper ACR is, and how bad we want one. Plus, only a few subtle clues are dropped that this was made by Pennzoil, if only we could get more companies to do similar films it would be a nice change from normal commercials.


What’s nice is that Pennzoil even put together another video Under The Hood Of The Dodge Viper ACR From Pennzoil which is just more glorious sounds and video shots from the short film. Pennzoil goes over some numbers and info about the Viper ACR, but lucky for us they don’t dub over or silence any of the eargasmic sounds the 8.4-liter V10 makes and any info shown on screen is simply overlaid on screen. Oh Viper ACR, how we’ll miss you so.

Plus, did you make it to the end? They allude to the Demon taking part in the next video with the final text received by the driver as a simple, “How are you at exorcising Demons?” Oh Pennzoil, what is it that you’ve got in store for us next?

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