Pedders Suspension Brings Adjustable Sway Bars To SportsRyder Line


Pedders brings out enhanced vehicle performance with their line of adjustable sway bars for a wide range of vehicles. We’ve discussed what sway bars do and why you need them before, so you’ll understand what improvements and adjustability can really do to change your vehicles handling. Pedders recognizes this, and they offer a huge new range of products known as the SportsRyder Extreme sway bar system.

Pedders Features & Benefits

  • All new bushings and lubricant included
  • Does NOT increase noise or harshness
  • Each application tested to ensure balanced handling traits
  • Adjustable to allow fine tuning of front and rear understeer or oversteer
  • CNC manufacturing creates precise fit
  • Bright and durable red powdercoat finish provides long service life
With a huge line of sway bars now available, those seeking enhanced performance can turn to Pedders knowing that they will experience no increased harshness or increased noise and “they are engineered to be a truly NO BULL solution to bring your pride and joy to the next level!”

We have actually had the opportunity to use these new adjustable sway bars on an Ecoboost Mustang, and we found the bars to perform very well. Fine tuning was made easy, and there was a discernible difference in vehicle feel as we played with various levels of stiffness.

Each kit also includes everything required for installation, including high quality bushings and lubricant. With reduced body roll, your car will feel more controllable while making no changes to the actual ride.

For the complete list of new applications covered, check out Pedders Suspension!


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