Optic Armor Windows Might Be The Weight Reduction You Need

If you’re looking for the next part you need for your racecar, it might just be windows. Windows? Yeah, we said it. Weight reduction in a car is important when you’re trying to scrape together every last bit of performance you can get. There are tons of parts that you can remove that are not required, such as back seats, sound deadening material, and air conditioner compressors.  Most of the time, removing weight such as that is “free” and all that is required is unbolting and removing.


However, after removing the freebies, you’re left with needing to swap out existing parts on the car with lighter weight replacements. This is great for improving the car, but can be tough on your wallet. Installing lighter weight seats, suspension arms, and hoods can be beneficial, but because all of that weight savings is down low, you don’t gain as much as you would if it was above the center of gravity. So what are you supposed to do, chop off the roof and replace the windows? Actually, that is exactly what you should do (okay, we can’t comment on the roof part, but you’ve got options when it comes to the windows).

Optic Armor offers drop in replacement windows for a wide range of vehicles, include Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, and other cars you typically spot out at the track. Produced from a durable, high optical grade polycarbonate, you can expect excellent clarity, weight reduction, and amazing scratch and scuff resistance which we’ve covered here. A typical install on a Chevrolet Camaro saves 16 pounds with a front windshield replacement, and 12 pounds with the rear.


With a whopping 28 pounds shaved off one of the highest parts of your car will make a huge difference, while being pretty affordable as well. The pounds per dollar dropped by replacing windows on your car with polycarbonate is probably one of the best when it comes to direct replacements on your car, as not much else comes close to dropping that much weight for the price. When you factor in how high the windows are in relation to the center of gravity, Optic Armor polycarbonate window replacements quickly show improvements on the track, by providing improvements to handling, acceleration, and braking.


Optic Armor polycarbonate windows are also safe, too. Modern tempered safety glass in your car is designed to break into tiny gravel-like pieces when it shatters to avoid giant razor-sharp shards. Although small pieces of glass is safer than large glass swords in a wreck, they can still be a cause of injury when broken. The polycarbonate windows that Optic Armor produces is advertised to be 250 percent stronger than glass, while being lighter, and shatter resistant. If you’ve got a track car there is no reason not to have Optic Armor windows, unless you like having extra weight for no reason.


Another import aspect that is offered with Optic Armor polycarbonate windows is the coating they have which helps water bead up and run off the window. This means that although you can use windshield wipers, you might not need to! Installation is easy as well, since installing is virtually the same as a factory OEM window. With applications in all aspects of motorsports, most likely Optic Armor has something for your build. Check out Optic Armor and see what they can offer you.

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