Group B Rally is considered by many rally enthusiasts the epitome of competition. From 1982-1986 the regulations were lax, which enticed manufacturers to play with new technology, aerodynamics, composite materials, no limit boost, and low homologation numbers.

Audi enthusiast Volker Gerht of Germany recreated one of the sports iconic chariots, the 1985 Audi Quattro S1 E2.

The good folks over at Petrolicious have produced a short on Gerht and his build. A picturesque exploration of how it came to be, and the experience of having such a car. While the audio is in German, the English captions are helpful, but no translator is needed for the sound of the turbocharged five-cylinder engine as it echoes in the woods. 


The Audi quattro S1 rally replica keeps Group B rally alive and well.

A scale model gift from his wife would sit on Gehrt’s desk for years and inspire him to recreate the world championship specimen. Gehrt even befriended Roland Gumpert, unknown to him at the time, the former head of Audi Motorsport and father of the Quattro system, to help build the car.

During the construction Gumpert invited former Audi Sport driver and racing legend Walter Röhlr to stop by and inspect. According to Gerht, Röhlr said, “I’m back in my Audi Sport days looking at my winning car…it’s given me goosebumps!” Many other drivers have commented on the exact replication the build has achieved, true to the original car down to the smallest of details.

Even after more than 30 years, motorsports enthusiasts not familiar with rally often recognize the iconic Audi S1. And with the end of Group B Rally its impact in motorsports and fans is still inspiring to this day.