Greetings and salutations! Time for another installment of “Keepin’ It in the Fenders” with “JB.” Personally, I wanted to thank everybody all for the emails and words of encouragement.

In this segment, I’ll address what the masses have asked for; base model C6 wheel and tire track fitments.

Before we start, I want to acknowledge these fitments are bolt on and can go direct to the track. With that being said, I have worked closely with many Corvette customers, to maximize wheel and tire packages.

Front Fitment

Nailed that wheel and tire package, nothing but form and function for this C6 owner.

Let’s start out up front and work our way back this time. 18×9.5”- 10” wide wheels with a +57 offset, accompanied by a 275/35/18 tire works well for fronts. Many big players in the wheel and tire game, offer and recommend this combo. Some might even have these sitting on the shelf with tires mounted ready for a track day.

Always ask your sales rep what they have in stock before pulling the trigger on your set. Instead of waiting to have yours built in gloss black, you might be able to have the matte black pair sitting on the shelf sent your way tomorrow.

Rear Fitment

325/30/19 on the right offset wheel will have the flush with fender look and function we are all after.

Now, for the big end, I am personally recommending a 19×11” rear +83 offset. Yes you are reading this correctly, with tire selection for an 18×11” just doesn’t cut it. A 305/35/18, or even a shorty 315/30/18 could work, but a 325/30/19 just fits like it belongs between the rear fenders.

Be conscious of some of the tire manufactures, Michelin, and Toyo just to name a few will run wider than others. Nitto Invo will run slightly smaller than most, so those of you that fear the fender poke will need to choose a smaller brand.

Until next time,  “JB” out!

325/30/19 Pilot Super Sport is much wider than most, it is next to a 335/30/19 Nitto. Be careful with your tire selections, choose wisely.