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Though unassuming, Dream Giveaway’s HellScat is a ridiculously powerful street and track monster!

The Challenger moniker is one of the most iconic nameplates in the storied history of the automobile. From the original muscle car era, to the late model horsepower wars we are currently living through, the Challenger has always been on the forefront of performance. The Mopar faithful work hard to preserve the history of the Challengers from the ’60s and ’70s, yet the achievable power of the late-model Hemi is yet to truly be realized. Now, thanks to Dream Giveaway, you have a unique opportunity to own both a part of history AND one of the most powerful late-model Challengers ever created.


Its subtle badging and aggressive tires are part of the few external modification that hints at this Challenger’s true potential.

Dream Giveaway awards some of the most iconic vehicles ever built, and as a result, raises money for incredible causes. For 2018, the company is holding drawing for a pair of unique Dodge Challengers. A 1970 Hemi Dodge Challenger R/T and a heavily customized 1-of-1 2017 Dodge Challenger HellScat are up for grabs. If you aren’t familiar with the HellScat model, don’t worry you didn’t miss anything. The HellScat started life as a 2017 Hellcat, and is now a highly modified, truly one-off Challenger worthy of the one-off title.

BurnoutAt face value, the HellScat is subtle. In fact, if you came across the car in the wild, you might not even notice just how unique this car is. The HellScat’s design is a nod to the Dodge Scat Pack race teams of the 1960s and 1970s. The car is TorRed with black interior and features Napa Leather seats with custom HellScat embroidery. Its body features subtle satin black stripes with custom HellScat emblems throughout. These incorporate styling ques from many of the famed Dodge special edition emblems. This is just another small touch that separates the HellScat from the rest of the late-model Challengers in the world.


The Hellcat’s factory 707-horsepower Hemi engine has been greatly improved with a massive 4.5-liter Whipple twin-screw supercharger – that’s nearly double the size of the factory 2.4-liter TVS supercharger.

Under the hood resides a stout 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi powertrain. The factory 707-horsepower Hemi has far surpassed what Dodge had ever intended, but 707-horsepower is just the start for the HellScat. The OE supercharger has been removed and replaced with a massive 4.5-liter twin-screw supercharger from Whipple Superchargers. This Crusher intake integrated supercharger has 88% more flow capacity than the stock 2.4-liter – it’s available with either the dual-blade 71mm billet throttle body or 180mm super mono-blade throttle body. The kit also includes a 123mm mass air flow housing, and true cold air intake with an oversized S&B 9-inch air filter.

Whipple Supercharger

The engine cranks out an impressive 962 horsepower and 838 lb-ft of torque to the wheels. That’s nearly 1,250 horsepower at the flywheel!

“Following on the success of our 840hp Hellcat X (in 2015), we wanted to raise the bar,” explained Chris Phillip, Director of Communications at Dream Giveaway. “We expected our supercharged HellScat to produce 1,000 horsepower at the crank. We were blown away when we learned it was putting 962 horsepower to the rear wheels—amazing!” With 962 rwhp, the HellScat is putting out nearly 1,250 horsepower at the crank!

The interior is all about comfort. The driver and passenger seats are wrapped in Napa Leather seats that rival most high-end livingroom furniture. The dash has been updated with a little art - it adorns the signature of one of the greatest drag racers of all time--"Big Daddy" Don Garlits.

Harnessing that much power is no small feat; the Hemi powerplant is backed by an eight-speed TorqueFlite Autostick automatic transmission. Getting all the horsepower and torque to the pavement is handled by a set of Nitto tires; the fronts are Nittos NT555-G2s and the rears are Nittos NT555R drag radials. Even with sticky drag radials, whoever drives off in this one-of-a-kind Challenger will need to show some respect when it comes to the loud pedal. With 838 lb-ft of torque on demand, losing traction is a guarantee if you aren’t careful.

The factory wheels have been upgraded with body-color painted barrels. The car rides on Nitto tires and gets it traction from Nitto’s NT555R drag radials.

Dream Giveaway set out to build one of the most powerful late-model Challenger Hellcats in existence. What they didn’t know was Dodge was working on a version of the Challenger that raised the bar a bit higher.

“This grand-prize HellScat was designed and engineered before FCA announced the Dodge Demon,” Phillips tells us. “So instead of just taking on the stock Dodge Hellcat, we had to take on the Demon, too.” Adding credibility to the project, Dream Giveaway brought in one of the most famed and significant drag racers to ever hit the track -“Big Daddy” Don Garlits. Big Daddy helped Dream Giveaway as a technical consultant and also strapped in behind the wheel of the HellScat for a large portion of the track testing.

“Having Don Garlits on-board for this project was an honor and a great time, too,” added Phillips. Watching The King of Drag Racing test drive the HellScat was the experience of a lifetime. Luckily, he left his autograph big and bold in the HellScat for one lucky person to cherish forever.”

The winner of the HellScat is truly getting a piece of history. If you don’t know who Don Garlits is (shame on you if you don’t), it won’t take a few seconds to research him, and you’ll understand the significance.

Getting nearly 4,500 pounds moving is no small feat. Thanks to the Whipple supercharger and Nitto tires, the HellScat reaches the 60-foot mark in a lightning quick 1.51 seconds.

Although the HellScat is full of power, historical significance, and eye candy, where it really shines is at the drag strip. For the last round of performance testing, the crew at Dream Giveaway invited us to join them at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradenton, Florida. With Demon-slayer power, the team wanted Demon-slayer performance to go along with it. We won’t bore you with all the details, however, it didn’t take long for the HellScat to shine on the quarter-mile.

After a handful of low 10 second passes, Mark Breiner finally got the Nitto drag radial hot enough, lined up in just the right spot, and launched the car just hard enough. The car was hot, the track was hot, and the air was marginal, but the HellScat still laid down a 9.98 second pass at 138mph! What’s most impressive is that the car made it to the 60-foot mark in 1.51 seconds. For a car the weights close to 4,500 pounds, that is astounding.

Chris Phillips, Director of Communications for Dream Giveaway presents the 9 second time-slip, validating the true potential of this Demon slayer. The HellScat tore up the quarter mile in 9.98 seconds at over 138 mph!

“We knew the HellScat had the potential to break past the 10-second barrier. When we saw the Hellcat’s e.t. on the track scoreboard, we realized the HellScat is truly a Demon slayer. Plus, our e.t. was in full street trim, no seats removed, and on street tires. One lucky person is going to freak out when they win this Dodge Challenger.”

Speaking of winning, the crew at Dream Giveaway will also be awarding the winner $45,000 to help pay the taxes. All that’s needed to enter for your chance to win the 2017 Challenger HellScat and matching 1970 HEMI Challenger is to visit Dream Giveaway.  Not only will you get the tickets you purchase, but you’ll also get bonus tickets, courtesy of  Power and Performance (minimum purchase required) when you use the promo code PW0218H.

Remember, you’re not just entering win two amazing cars. You’re donating money to help some amazing charities at the same time. You might just be rewarded handsomely!

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