Project C700: Flowing Air Like A Z06 And Keeping Cool With C&R

Over the last few projects, we've extracted a substantial amount of power from our C7 project car. So, in the interest of balance and keeping our machine reliable, we introduced some greater cooling capabilities. Read More


Tech: Heidts Updates A Third-Gen Camaro With IRS

Heidts has engineered a new IRS system to improve the handling and performance of third-gen Camaros and Firebirds. We go under the latest install to see how this new technology can be fitted to earlier cars. Read More

Acura NSX GT3 Racecar

Acura NSX Rumor Mill Hints At Rear-Drive, Non-Hybrid Type R Variant

The Type R badge is Honda's ultimate badge of honor, symbolic of pure performance. Exciting rumors have the famed moniker appearing on the NSX. Read up and decide for yourself if a lightweight NSX will be a reality. Read More


PFC Brakes Launches ZR94 Brake Caliper

New from PFC Brakes – the ZR94 brake caliper. This unit improves upon the ZR34 with an internal fluid crossover tube, better rigidity, and less potential for interference. Check it out! Read More

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Video: F1 Legend Pushes Car, Faints

Nigel Mansell was always an entertainer. At the 1984 Dallas Grand Prix, he pushed his stricken F1 car to the finishing line in the oppressive Texan heat. Read More


Video: Having Your Mom Try Drifting In A Ford Focus RS

Testing the new Ford Focus RS drift mode, Alex Goy wanted to put it to the limit. Volunteering his mother, click here to check out her attempt at drifting on a closed course. We don't want to spoil it all for you. Read More


Jeff Kiesel’s 10-Time SCCA Solo Champ Bugeye Sprite On The Dyno

Jeff Kiesel has collected 10 consecutive SCCA Solo championships in his rotary-powered Austin Healy Bugeye Sprite. We catch up with the man and his machine. Read More


Video: Gutsy Bump Drafting at Spa Francorchamps!

Two F3 teammates show how to navigate traffic, use slipstreams, and literally push their way through the field while flying down Spa's Kemmel Straight. Read More


EFI On The Brain: FAST Expands EFI Training Classes For 2016

The EFI specialists at FAST have assembled their in-house tuning experts for another year-long schedule of Intro to EFI courses to help any newcomer that is looking to break into the world of custom EFI tuning. Read More


Video: Hilarious Hotlap with Vettel in a 488 GTB

Ferrari's F1 star hustles the turbocharged 488 GTB around a damp Bruntingthorpe with a mortified YouTube journalist sitting shotgun and laughing nervously. Read More


Talks of Apple Buying Formula 1 Circulate

With Ecclestone looking to retire, and Apple intent on building a car and strengthening their Apple TV, their acquisition of F1 starts to make sense. Read More


Video: Savage NASCAR Truck’s Committed Goodwood Blitz!

Mike Skinner may not have been the fastest at Goodwood, but he won over the crowd with his white-knuckle romp, tires spinning and tail dancing all the way. Read More


Video: Nimble, Quick GT-R Drone Takes On The 2017 GT-R

Two engineering beasts pitted head-to-head, Nissan has unveiled the GT-R drone. Click here to see the drone take on the 2017 Nissan GT-R at Silverstone. You won't be disappointed with what takes place. Read More

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Video: Three Generations of F1 Legends Battle in Karts

Button, Hakkinen, Alonso, Coulthard and Vandoorne gather at Alonso's karting track for a heated shootout that shows the old guys have still got it! Read More


Video: F1 Racers Alonso, Vandoorne Thrash New 2017 NSX At Estoril

Whet your appetite for supercar hotness with this well-produced clip of the 2017 Acura NSX in action at Portugal's famed Estoril race track. Read More


TCI’s ’63 Nova: Hugging Corners And Slaying Cones

When you build a car that has sentimental value, its worth goes far beyond what you put into it. These kinds of cars hold a special place in your heart and can serve as a nostalgic reminder of what once was. Read More


Nigel Mansell: The Showman

Nigel Mansell, the aggressive, mustachioed Brit was the epitome of a hard-charger: brave, fast, spectacular and always dramatic, on and off the track. Read More


Rebuild Tip Of The Week: Fuel Injection Tech Tips With FiTech

FiTech gives us some insider information on how to keep your fuel injection system running at the best possible levels of reliability and efficiency. This tip will help you wire a great upgrade onto your car. Read More


Video: Aston Martin’s Newest F1-Fuelled Gem

With immense downforce claiming 4.5-g cornering forces, this new hypercar from Aston uses the brilliance of Adrian Newey to push the niche forward. Read More


Video: The Creation of the McLaren F1 GTR

Development of the world's greatest GT car may have been easier than anticipated. However, with all that tech from Murray pouring in, it's not surprising. Read More