High Tech and Lightweight Stereo With Clarion

12 pounds and a few square feet was worth the real estate was worth it to make sure we had a functioning stereo in our Factory Five project. Check out the details inside. Read More


Video: Nissan-Powered, 4WD RX-7 Rallycrossing!

The innate handling prowess of the RX-7 is taken into a new dimension by adding a GT-R drivetrain, a piston engine and some incredible driving skills. Read More


Rare Ford GT Matech GT1 Race Car Is Gorgeous!

This Matech-built Ford GT racer is FiA GT1 homologated and spared no expense for the finest components and construction. See how much to buy this eBay find. Read More

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Looking Back At Jim Hall’s Chaparral Racing Camaro

In 1970, the burgeoning Trans-Am series of racing was a way for manufacturers to test their cars in competition. Chevrolet had three cars they used, but only one survived. Check out Jim Hall's Racing Camaro. Read More


Video: Suspension Upgrades Best Avoided

This tuning list offers a comprehensive understanding of compliance, camber, ride heights and stiffness, so that one can upgrade for safety and performance. Read More


Video: K24-Swapped Civic Goes Hillclimbing

With incredible poise, power and precision, this featherweight EG6 Civic decimates the hillclimb course and makes it look easy in the process. Read More

Pace Performance

Pace Performance Releases LS/LT 6L Connect And Cruise Packages

Pace Performance has released LS/LT Connect And Cruise Packages. These packages include all the harnesses, programming, hardware & fluids needed for easy install. Check 'em out! Read More


Video: Mouthwatering, Carbon-Clad Valtonen RX-7

Powered by a potent SR20, this gorgeous, featherweight RX-7 shows just how far one determined team can go with what was once a drift machine. Read More


Video: Renault Minivan Powered by an F1 Engine

The Renault Espace F1 is far more racing car than grocery-getter, with 800 horsepower from a V10 and performance that could embarrass most sports cars. Read More


Finding Positive Reinforcement With McLeod’s Racing Clutch

Mike Heintz had a vision for his Mustang Boss 302, a perfect blend of street manners and track capability that could hit above its weight class. A new McLeod racing clutch is the next component this car needs. Read More


Video: Delving Into BMW’s Most Powerful F1 Engine

The BMW M12 started life as a modest 1500cc engine powering a family sedan. Few imagined that 20 years later, it would grow into a 1,300 horsepower monster. Read More

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Exploring Volumetric Efficiency With AEM

AEM's Volumetric efficiency-based tuning makes best use of an engine's parts combo by delivering the right amount of fuel at the right point in the curve. Read More


Tech: Choosing The Proper Bearings For Your Engine

If you are planning to rebuild the engine in your ride, are you sure you know which engine bearings you need? We get some insight from King Bearings to help you make an informed decision. Now, get building! Read More


Protecting Your Asset: Unraveling The Mysteries Of Safety Seats

While there is some debate as to what design makes for the safest racing seat, simply knowing what you need, and how to properly install it in your race car, is half the battle. Read More

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Historic Trans-Am Preserving The Legacy Of The Trans-Am Series

The Historic Trans-Am series celebrates the 50th anniversary of "Americas Road Racing Series." This group of dedicated enthusiasts is committed to preserving the legacy of the sport for future generations. Read More

010094 Exhaust Wrap Kit Retail Pkg Black_Black HT Med

DEI Introduces Exhaust Wrap Kit

New from DEI – the Exhaust Wrap Kit. This kit provides everything needed to completely wrap a set of small block or V6 headers and protect up to 1,500° Fahrenheit. Check it out! Read More


Modern Lighting Upgrades For Factory Five Roadsters

We modernized the lighting on our Factory Five Cobra Jet Challenge project car to help appease to a younger generation of vehicle builders. Inside we discuss our reasonings behind the designs. Read More


Video: The Secret to Michael Schumacher’s Speed

Schumacher's balletic driving style is well-known, and with the help of telemetry, we get to understand how The Red Baron's technique gained an advantage. Read More


Video: Button and Raikkonen Battle in Brazil

With crafty car placement, defensive lines, DRS, and a bit of wild sliding, Kimi Raikkonen defends against the calm and ultra-quick Jenson Button in Brazil. Read More

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Video: Ken Block Toyo Tire Test

Team Toyo Tires' newest member Ken Block lets us in on a test and tune day trying the Proxes R1R tires at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Read More