2017 RS3 01

Roush Begins Taking Orders For The 2017 Stage 3 Mustang

The latest Stage 3 Mustang from Roush is quickly approaching authorized dealership lots, and we've got the latest intel on what's new for the 2017 model from Roush vice president of products Justin Schroeder. Read More


Video: Snarling R35 GT-R on the Targa Tasmania!

The Targa Tasmania takes drivers over 1,200 miles of daunting, cambered, relentless tarmac, with absolutely no runoff. This GT-R relishes the opportunity. Read More


Video: Has Aston Martin Reignited the Fire?

Some of Aston's latest offerings fell a bit flat, but this lightened and stiffened GT8 takes cues from their Nurburgring racer and aims for the Porsche GT3! Read More


Video: ’88 Thunderbird With A Mustang Cobra IRS

The ’83-’88 Thunderbird coupes were offered with both a 2.3-liter turbocharged inline four and a 5.0-liter V-8. This one with its Mustang Cobra IRS handles good. Like really good. Read More

Passing Subaru

Monster Time Attack Civic – Update From Road Atlanta

Speed Academy checks in with Will and his 771 horsepower time attack 9th gen Civic after returning from round one of Global Time Attack at Road Atlanta. Read More


Update: C700 Corvette with ProCharger’s i-1 C7 Kit goes 10s

The variable-drive-ratio i-1 is the perfect high-tech supercharger to match the C7 Corvette Stingray. We install and test it on Project C700. Read More


Video – Schmidt Takes On Pikes Peak in Semi-Automous Corvette

Paralyzed? No problem. Get in a Corvette and go, baby go. Arrow Electronics and Sam Schmidt aren't letting a little disability get in the way of racing. Check out this great come back story. Read More


Video: Managing Understeer and Oversteer Mid-Race

Mid-race, a savvy driver must use a mix of technique and technical knowledge to solve the inevitable understeer and oversteer problems they'll encounter. Read More

Heatshield Products db Suppressor

Heatshield Products DB Suppressor Acoustic Barrier Material

Heatshield Products has just released its db Suppressor acoustic-barrier material to help keep unwanted vibrations and noise out of the vehicle without a severe weight penalty. Check it out! Read More


Video: Making the Most of Downforce

To be successful in modern race cars, a driver must learn how downforce works and be able to shut out the natural alarm that signals impending doom. Read More


Video: Brundle Tests the Force India F1 with Shocking Results

Martin Brundle, racer-turned-reporter, samples a modern, turbocharged, tail-happy F1 car. The eye-opening test goes well, but isn't without incident. Read More


Subaru Series.Yellow Special Edition BRZ Coming In 2017

Rejoice, a Subaru special edition that's America bound! The Series.Yellow BRZ features Brembo brakes, suspension mods and more and it is slated to arrive in showrooms in 2017. Read More


Video: Zany STI Obliterates the Isle of Man Record

Mark Higgins pilots this 600-horsepower STI through the 38-mile, unforgiving Isle of Man. With no margin for error, this lap is absolutely horrifying. Read More


Wilwood Aerolite Brake Install on our Project 5th Gen Camaro

Project Lucky 13, our road racing Camaro gets some improved stopping power from the folks at Wilwood brakes. See the racing-inspired system right here. Read More


Video: Chris Harris Samples the Outrageous Renault RS.01

More downforce than some Formula cars, 550 horsepower from a GT-R motor, and less weight than a Miata: Chris Harris comes to terms with this gorgeous beast. Read More


Video: How to Get the Most from Your Tires

Here, the skill of maximizing tire performance over the course of a race is explained with various real-world situations and input from knowledgeable pros. Read More


Video: Tribute to the Legendary Gilles Villeneuve

Gilles Villeneuve and his stunning slides, superhuman bravery, and tenacity put him in a category above mere mortals, as this touching commemoration shows. Read More

OEM No Catch Can

Video: The Importance Of Using A Catch Can System

Positive crankcase pressure is a common problem on many modified performance engines, especially if they are boosted. The associated effects can reduce power and even be damaging if left unchecked. Read More


The Joys And Challenges Of Kart Racing

Though some dismiss go-karts as mere amusement, kart racing is a serious sport that has launched many F1 and Indycar champs. Powerful, grippy and demanding, these karts teach the essentials for a racing career. Read More


Video: IndyCar Stars Explain Late Braking

One of the most difficult aspects of racing is braking, and overtaking on the brakes, since it requires bravery, precision, and a bit of improvisation. Read More